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Interior designTAIJI FUJIMORI ATELIER / Taiji Fujimori, Yoko Kanai


Design year2012

LocationGinza, Tokyo / MATSUYA GINZA

PhotoYuki Omori

NUNO is the highly and internationally acclaimed brand for their original fabric.  
This project was the interior design for their brand “NUNO WORKS” which is specialized in printed fabric, in MATSUYA GINZA Department Store, Tokyo. 
The major challenge was how to convert negative elements, such as the low ceiling and the big pillar standing in front of the shop, to attractive and unique interior design.

To overcome this downside, the irregularly shaped ceiling and the base wall (including the pillar) were finished all in white color to eliminate unnecessary noise in the space. 
The furniture for displaying items is set slightly apart from the wall surface, hanging in the abstractedly white space.  This hanging style furniture, which is disconnected from the floor, is creating “void” in both vertical and horizontal directions of the wall, bringing spaciousness to the space.
Visitors will be led to the shop from entrances on both sides of the pillar and naturally escorted by this “hanging furniture.”

Responding to the delicate texture of fabrics which is the main element of the space, the hanging furniture is made of bamboo plywood.  
This plywood material is manufactured with thin layers of bamboo, and it has characteristic texture to provide a restful stage for NUNO’s fine quality fabric and fashion items made from their fabric. 


Furniture, Product, Interior Design