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竹田市立図書館 Taketa City Library


Furniture designTAIJI FUJIMORI ATELIER / Taiji Fujimori, Ryo Takasaki

Furniture productionUCHIDA

Design year2017

LocationTaketa, Oita

PhotoYuki Omori, Toshiyuki Yano

This library is located in the valley surrounded by mountains where the wind is coming down from the same direction all year round.  Our main task was to visualize the wind flow with the design of bookshelf, softly curved and matching with the space attractively. 

To create various wavy lines of bookshelves, just like wind streams, we started designing each unit straight and connected them with steel joint panels. 
Several types of joint panels were designed, allowing each unit to be set flexibly in different curvatures according to the layout. 

These steel joint panels are attached in the lower position of each shelf unit, so the “opening” on top allows visitors to feel semi-transparency and lightness within the isles of books. 
Three shelf boards at the lower part of the shelf are slightly angled for easy browsing and handling of books. The sideboard is trapezoid shaped at the bottom and its outline stretches upward smoothly. 

Viewing the whole space from the top, flat tops of shelves draw various arcs and provide a good contrast with the sharp slant line of the sideboard.
Visitors can enjoy dynamic face of shelving units, just like walking through the canyon. 

The laminated wood material was custom made with local cedar trees, first cut into 15 mm and stuck together.  The uniqueness of this original laminated wood conveys “new and fascinating” look of the cedar tree, which we could not find in manufactured material. 
The tallest shelf measures 3.4m in height and it is the landmark of this library. 


Furniture, Product, Interior Design