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宮城学院女子大学付属認定こども園「森のこども園」 Miyagi Gakuin Preschool “MORI NO KODOMO-EN”

Architectural designToyo Ito & Associates, Architects

Furniture designTAIJI FUJIMORI ATELIER / Taiji Fujimori, Aki Ishibashi

Furniture productionInoue Industries

Design year2016

LocationSendai, Miyagi

PhotoSatoshi Shigeta, Yuki Omori

This is the project for the preschool attached to Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University.  
The design project consists of children’s tables and chairs for a lunchroom, classrooms, also closets for bedding and more in the entire facility. 

The ceiling height is set lower to fit children’s scale, and it is just like a straw hat gently covering the whole nursery. 
The built-in furniture has a big curved surface which provides the soft warm background to the room where children are running, playing joyfully, as if they are blending with the architecture.
The small curved line of tables and chairs are for the safety of children, and it makes the space come to life.
This is a simple series of varying curved lines, small and big, yet it shows the possibility of furniture acting as an interface between the space and people.


Furniture, Product, Interior Design