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Design year2011

Main materialSolid wood (Hinoki / Japanese cypress)

PhotoMasayuki Hayashi

We all tend to handle our precious iPhone quite casually without caring much.  It is often laying around at home or office, just connected to the outlet somewhere, and eventually you will have hard time to “find my iPhone”.  Ripple can provide you the “home position” for your iPhone.  You can set Ripple on the bedside table if you are using the phone as a alarm clock, or simply arrange it on the sideboard in your living room, also nearby your PC at the office for your tasks.  The soft texture of natural cypress, letting iPhone, a precision gadget, to rest gently. 
It is so simple to use.  Just set your phone on top of the slightly tilted surface, which is almost matching to the gradient of the Apple keyboard, making it easy to control applications.
Two slits on the surface are nicely drawn in the wave pattern (Ripple), holding cables securely while charging your phone in a stylish and organized way, and this is the most unique feature of our Ripple.  The cable can be easily spotted by leaving it inside the slit when the phone is taken off to use, so the cable will not be missing.
Ripple is a nice restful “home” for your iPhone, with or without its resident.


Furniture, Product, Interior Design