TAIJI FUJIMORI ATELIER inc.|株式会社 藤森泰司アトリエ


Manufacturerarflex japan

Design year2014

Main materialSolid wood, Wood veneer, Fabric / Leather

Assistant designerRyo Takasaki

Photoarflex japan

The design concept of RUNE was started from my inspiration when I saw a vintage Norwegian chair that has a big horse-shoe shaped backrest.  The clean figure expanding upward from the legs to the upper part of the chair which resembles a horseshoe.  I thought that a new style chair which holds your body pleasantly can be created by making its outline in a funnel shape from the bottom to top, even it is not so big in size.  

RUNE will bring you the feeling that you can lean on it from different angles, and this is exactly “overall supporting backrest” when you actually seated, and such physical feeling is part of elements to bring out its distinctive appearance.  Specifically, solid wood material was precisely cut into five pieces with complex angles, then joined together to form the seamless line.  This precise process resulted in the smooth and graceful beauty of RUNE.

“FIORD” Dining Table is designed to match the concept, the table for people to gather around.  For easier seating from all directions, two big volume of legs are set at the inner position on both sides, unlike ordinally table with four legs.  These two legs are formed in polyhedron shape which is randomly chamfered, so they shows various expressions in different angles you see.  The tabletop is finished with smooth corners and end surface, giving unique texture and warm impression.  Strong and sturdy like a sculpture, and welcoming people friendly, are co-existing features of this table. 


Furniture, Product, Interior Design